Treatment of eating disorders

Yes, food is ruling my life but what can I do about it?
Often the first step can be as simple - yet difficult - as talking about it to someone you trust. Someone who won't judge you but will respect you for your courage in opening up about a dark secret. This person could be a friend or a family member. He or she could even be a health professional who has heard similar experiences many times before and can reassure you that you are not alone.

Is it ever possible to have a normal relationship with food?
Yes, it's both possible and achievable. But there is no single “correct” path to lead you from tyranny to freedom. Some people have found that when they address certain emotional issues and approach life from a different perspective their eating habits automatically improve. Others discover that focusing on the way they've used food in the past gives them the awareness they need to make the necessary changes in their eating habits.

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