Signs of alcohol misuse

Alcohol use tends to be more visible than drug use. As drinking is legal, people may feel there is less reason to conceal what they are doing.

However, the more a person's drinking starts to cause problems, the more secretive they may become. It is very common for people who drink too much to lie about how much they are drinking and how much time they spend doing it.

They may feel ashamed of how much money they're spending, or how they have behaved when they're drunk. They may be scared of admitting how much they're drinking because that would be the first step towards doing something about it.

At the same time, deep down, they may be getting sick and tired of what drinking is doing to them. People who get drunk tend to make mistakes.

Unconsciously perhaps, they will start to leave clues about the extent of their drinking. These may include not clearing up the “evidence” after a bout of heavy drinking, arriving home late smelling of alcohol, failing to turn up for important appointments, spending most of the housekeeping money on alcohol or regularly getting drunk in pubs and bars close to their home or workplace.

Sooner or later, the time will come when the person you care about needs to start being honest with you. Finding out more about alcohol addiction will help you prepare for this and perhaps help bring it about earlier.

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