Drug problems - is my drug use causing problems?

Deep down, you already know the answer to that question. Our instincts tell us what's okay and what isn't. Whether or not we listen to them is another matter.

The trouble is that when you are using drugs it's very easy to kid yourself. It's easy to tune out things that are unpleasant, or painful, or a hassle - one of the reasons why, to begin with, drug use can be so appealing.

We live in a complicated world that, one way or another, never stops making demands on us. To thrive and prosper, we need to give our life's journey our full attention. Problems are part of life and don't go away when somebody simply tunes out.

Some people do manage to use drugs recreationally without their lives becoming unravelled. They get high from time to time, but it doesn't seem to stop them from sorting out the problems and challenges that life throws at them. That's how it seems - in reality, we don't think that doing something illegal is ever going to be a risk worth taking.

But for other people, drug taking can very quickly turn into drug addiction. If you've started down that road, you're very likely to need help getting back.

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