Bulimia, anorexia, overeating

Here's a brief overview of the three main types of eating disorders:

Bulimia - This is typically characterized by regular episodes of binge eating followed by vomiting, starvation and use of laxatives or diuretics to rid the body of “excess” weight.

Anorexia - A terror of weight gain is fuelled by a self-imposed starvation regime. Teenage anorexia in girls is widely publicized but it can also afflict young children, older adults, boys and men.

Overeating - The sufferer may not be significantly overweight or underweight, but is controlled to a large extent by his or her relationship with food.

Eating as a way to comfort yourself
You may find eating a great comfort. Many people are reassured by “nursery food” such as custard, stodgy puddings, mashed potato, when they're feeling down. But overeating can also be a way of literally trying to fill an empty space deep inside you, a space which is desperate for love, approval, success, happiness. However, the feeling of an uncomfortably full stomach and the self-loathing which can accompany it only increases the emptiness.

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