Cutting down is a struggle. What else can I do?

Some people find that abstaining altogether is much easier than trying to ration their intake. If they don't have a drink in the first place, then they don't really feel tempted.

If you've tried cutting down in the past, but it hasn't worked, then abstinence may be your best option. One definite benefit is that you will have a clear head. It will be much easier to be clear about what you want to do and how you are going to do it.

Another is that you can link in to the support networks that millions of other drinkers have used to stop drinking and turn their lives around. One of the most important is Alcoholics Anonymous. This service is not only available up and down the country and internationally, it is also free.

If you are serious about this - if alcohol has caused enough havoc in your life and you think it might be time to stop altogether - then it might be very helpful to ask an alcohol specialist for advice.

At the very least, see your GP before you do anything drastic. He or she will be able to advise you about stopping and any precautions you need to take. Stopping alcohol suddenly, especially if you have been a daily drinker, can endanger your health and even your life.

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