I've got to stop. What help is available?

Detoxification is available privately and on the NHS. There is more encouragement nowadays for people who want to detox at home, with medication and visits from health professionals becoming more widely available. However, there may be a very strong case for you to undergo detox as an in-patient in a specialist unit. Your GP will be able to recommend either option once he or she has assessed the scale of your alcohol intake.

How much difference a week in a detox unit will make to you in the long term will depend entirely on the choices you make both while you are detoxing and after you have finished the detox. Staying stopped is the big challenge, not stopping in the first place.

Seeing an alcohol specialist can be very helpful indeed when it comes to making the right choices. Don't worry about being judged: he or she will have seen many other people who have problems with alcohol and addiction. However, every person with a drink problem is different, and the more tailored the advice you can obtain for you as an individual the more likely you are to succeed.

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