Signs of addiction to drugs

If you're using drugs every day and have been for a while, you could have developed dependence on or addiction to drugs. If you're using more in a single dose now than when you started, the chances are you're developing tolerance.

Other signs to look out for include:

  • Feeling you can't enjoy yourself or relax properly unless you've taken something
  • Deciding whether or not to go to a social occasion on the basis of whether drugs will be available
  • Losing interest in old friends and spending more time with other users
  • Turning up late or missing appointments owing to drug related activities
  • Feeling angry when people who care about you challenge your drug use
  • Willingness to be dishonest in order to get hold of drugs
  • Deciding to cut down and finding you can't
  • Feeling good or feeling bad simply on the basis of whether you've got drugs or not
  • Continuing to use in spite of problems your drug use is causing.

Another common feature of drug addiction is that the worse things get, the more attached the user becomes to the comfort and relief that drugs can - temporarily - provide. Each day then further reinforces the vicious circle of addiction - "I know my using causes problems, but using is the only thing that makes me feel ok". At this point, expert help for drug addiction or other problems such as alcohol or gambling addictions may be required in order to stop.

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